Andy Keimach offers tips for safe play, from where to store toys, where to buy toys, and how to optimize safety without sacrificing fun!

Andy Keimach talks about the Toy Foundation's Talent Pipeline in his weekly column What I'm Hearing, where he shares his insights into the toy and game industry.

Andy Keimach, Interim President & Chief Executive of The Toy Association, writes again for his weekly column: What I'm Hearing! This time, he talks about the benefits of becoming a member of The Toy A...ssociation.Show more

Andy Keimach, interim President and Chief Executive of The Toy Association, shares his thoughts on the industry and what's happening currently.

Andy Keimach, President of the Toy Association, sends out his first biweekly message called What I'm Hearing! all about the different things that are happening in the toy industry.

People of Play’s Inventor & Innovation Conferences are back and in person this year, beginning on 11/17/22. An excellent opportunity for pitching ideas, networking, and lots of learning, this event not one you want to miss.Show more

Joyce Johnson documents her interview with Reuben Klamer, creative legend and inventor of The Game of Life. He answers questions ranging from his creative inspiration to his favorite toys and games as... a child.Show more

Michelle Spelman writes on the life and success of Howard Morrison, a creative legend.

Brian Torney explores the life of toymaker legend Richard Maddock, beginning with his early life and going through all of his successful toys and games and what it took to create them.

Michelle Spelman writes on the lives and successes of Art Melin and Rich Knerr, founders of WHAM-O.