The staff of GPI gets together to talk about what is important to keep in mind about manufacturing when designing a game.

Bret Hawkins of the Ripperoo brand of stuffed animals announces that the tags on plush toys will now be sown on and intentionally collectible with the new RipTAG.

David Yakos writes on his experience taking part in the Ocean Plastic Leadership Summit: a team of plastic producing companies and environmental groups spending four days at sea to brainstorm solution...s to the issue of ocean pollution.Show more

In terms of picking between foreign and domestic manufacturing, Michelle Spelman introduces a fourth element of the business decision triangle. In addition to quality, cost, and speed, Spelman talks a...bout honoring your companies values and the importance of making the right decisions for your brand in the long term.Show more

Jack Lovewell speaks on the importance of using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in the planning and designing stage of creating toys. Using examples from his own work, Lovewell explains that using CAD not... only makes the process of designing and producing a toy easier, but makes for a better made product.Show more

Kim Drayer and Kelly Graham of EPI Marketing Services walk through the production process of a board game. The break it down into three phases: Prepress, Press and Post Press of Individual Components,... and Packing and Assembly.Show more

Behind the Mirror

2021-11-28 12:33:48

Entertainment Attorney/Game Developer Norman Beil shares five lessons about game design, including: play-testing, improvising, the impact of small changes, incentives, and feedback.


2021-11-25 08:13:01

Producer/Designer Mary Jo Reutter often sees play testing as one of the most fun and surprising parts of game development. She provides tips on how to prepare and conduct objective play tests.

Moderators: Steve Reece (President, Kids Brand Insight) Panelists: Josh West (Head of Product Design and Sourcing, Thinkfun), Pete Ridgewell (Director/Owner at Spectrum Product Development limited, Am...y Holden (Founder and Director, World Alive S.LWorld Apart). Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Big G Creative.Show more

Hasbro Executive Phil Sage recounts a vivid memory from early in his career, a reality check he needed to think in the eyes of a child in order to make a product that meets consumers' needs.