Head of Inventor Relations for Tyco and Hasbro Mike Hirtle shares his top six tips for a successful pitch.

Dr. Ken Scheel shares how though it can be painful for inventors, accepting and embracing criticism is an essential part of improving and creating a successful product.

ThenQ Co-Founder Harry van Sambeeck shares personal experience to emphasize the opportunities that lie in creating a powerful video to include in product pitch presentations.

John Bell, Director of Product Design & Development at Buffalo Games, shares next steps for your toy or game idea from his personal method of getting through the product development process.

IronWall Games President Rob Daviau reflects on the games he evaluated during his time as a designer for Hasbro and the selection system. He shares tips for getting a game to the finish line.

Inventor Relations expert Tanya Thompson breaks down Inventor Pitch Sheets into the who, what, where, when, and why. She shares a template she helped develop to explain how to create one.

BlueMatter Games' Nicholas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau recount their first pitching experiences and share how to pass the time and keep inventing while trying to focus on your "Next Big Thing."

Joe Herbert, of the Herbert Brothers, Jeezle Pete’s! LLC describes how his team employs the same advertising tactics and strategies used for making commercials when pitching a new toy or game.


2021-11-23 00:55:24

Amy Opheim, President of C3 Marketing, shares general knowledge and specific tips from her team for inventors to prepare for and maximize their hard-earned pitch meeting.

PlayMonster's Director of Marketing, Lisa Wuennemann, shares seven tips to succeed and five things to avoid when pitching a new product. She also shares a resource she's used since the beginning of he...r career.Show more