The Board Game Theory

2021-11-22 09:06:01

Toy and game invention company owner Joe Herbert defines the Scientific Method and uses the example question " Is there a new way to look at words? " to explain its steps.

Hasbro's Former Head of Product Acquisition, Mike Hirtle, admits that being an inventor is not easy. He then supports this notion by challenging readers to complete a thought experiment.

Industry professional Kim Vandenbroucke warns aspiring inventors of the negative impact including phrases like “my family thinks it’s the best game ever!” has on the pitching process.

Andy Geremia looks back on his early pitches, recognizing mistakes that were made. Using the lessons he learned, he explains how he mastered the art of email pitching.

Product Acquisition and Inventor Relations executives discuss the dos and don’ts of pitching ideas and products. Featuring Tim Walsh (Co-Founder, Roo Games; Founder, The Playmakers), Tanya Thompso...n (Director Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations for Gaming, Hasbro), Adam Hockerman (Vice President of New Business, PlayMonster),  Leila Nosrati (Principal, Master Toy Advisors), David Winter (Head of New Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations, Jazwares), Gillian Ruan (Enterprise Innovation and Inventor Relations Manager, Mattel) Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Play Monster.Show more

Jack Degnan shares a few personal experiences that led to his current process that includes a simple document on how to ask for needed feedback and use it to your benefit.

You’ll need a crisp presentation lasting no more than a couple of minutes, with good lighting, an uncluttered screen, and clear sound. One way to ensure its “crispness” is to use a well-thought-...out-and-rehearsed script that covers your story.Show more