Bruce Maguire of Freeman Public Relations introduces Storypod, the world's first bilingual, audio edutainment platform that engages kids through storytelling, game playing, trivia, and special effects... -- no screens involved.Show more

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The KID Design Safety Toolkit helps companies and inventors create toys that are safe for children, with panel discussions, educational videos, and podcasts.

POP announces the recipients of this year's Lifetime Achievement, Hassenfeld Initiatives Humanitarian, and Game Changer Awards.

Specifications for the morphing bike.

POP announces new guest speakers for the annual Toy & Game International Innovation Conference.

POP kicks off Virtual POP week with events including Toy & Game International Innovation Summit, Networking in the POP Pub Rooms, and TAGIE Awards.

To celebrate 50 years of Malibu Barbie, Barbie enthusiasts have planned their travel around the Barbie Totally Throwback Bus Tour!

Fashion Doll Studio is in the running for Coolest Thing Made in Indiana award.