Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, explains Generation C: the generation of kids and young adults who lived through COVID-19, and gives five predictions about how this generation will be different any we've seen before.Show more

David Peterson, President at Parpen Solutions, acknowledges how the element of chance involved with games can interfere with play. He builds a statistical model of games to determine if and where they... can be improved.Show more

Toy Executive Barrie Simpson shares her beliefs on why many companies failed at marketing new products to girls. She describes how understanding the audience's needs leads to developing meaningful pro...ducts for them.Show more

Moderator: John Barbour (Managing Partner, Volta Capital, Prior: CEO or President of Leapfrog, ToysRUs, OddzOn, Real Networks-Games Div.) Panelists: Maura Regan (President, Licensing International), Kilpin (President, Play Monster, Prior: President of Mattel and Activision), Richard Barry (President & CEO Tru Kids Brands), Stephen M. Youngwood (President and COO, Sesame Workshop), Wai Or (CEO, Longshore). Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Big G Creative.Show more

Moderator: Tony Serebriany (Director of Inventor Relations & International Sales The Op) Panelists: Keisha Howard (Founder, SugarGames), Daryl Andrews (Co-Founder, Evergreen Board Game Studio), Elisa ...Teague (Senior Producer Advisor, Renegade Game Studios), Pat Marino (Game Design Manager, The Op), Deirdre Cross (Director, Product Development, Funko Games, Prospero Hall) Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Disney.Show more

While pitching new toys at ChiTAG, Lisa Strick was consistently asked if and how game design needs to be approached differently for Millennials. She answers by sharing five trends to stimulate inspira...tion and ideas.Show more

CMO Paul Fish lists key strategies that lead to success in collectible gaming. He then describes examples of brands that have achieved favorable outcomes but implementing these strategies.

PLAYMOBIL's Business Development and Innovation Manager, Frank Alexander Müller, shares the 5-step approach the company takes to ensure continuous feedback with its target users.

Shenanigans Toy Store owner Jeremy Posner stresses the importance of finding live playtesters for your toy or game invention and how to best utilize them in the design process.

Game developer Ron Oliver shares his experience regarding the differences in development between virtual games' detailed feedback and physical games' limited feedback.