Don Wilder explores how technology and "smart toys" are altering the way that toys are played with and how tabletop games have evolved.

Fact sheets for the Hong Kong International Licensing Show or the Asian Licensing Conference are presented, and contact information is provided for additional questions.

Mary Kay Morrison announces her book, "Legacy of Laughter" as the perfect grandparent Christmas gift.

Gert Garman discusses how to build anticipation for your next toy, game, or product.

Research shows that the toy industry has dramatically improved the play value of its products over the last 10 years.

Mark Foster talks on the demographic of "kidult," a new trend that opens a lot of new doors for toy companies.

Nancy Zwiers writes on what creators and companies can do to enhance the play value of toys.

The LEGO Play Well Report presents information on how play helps increase well being, happiness, and the development of life skills.

BusinessWire presents the findings of a study done by Hasbro and Boston Children's Hospital demonstrating that play is linked to increased school readiness, positive social behaviors, memory, and exec...utive functioning.Show more

Information found through a study on the effects of doll play on the developing brain are presented.